Best Dark Web Wallets 2019

Before you consider buying drugs on the dark web and using one of the dark web markets, you should always mix your bitcoins to make your purchases anonymous.

Here are some recommended dark web wallets which act as a bitcoin mixer:

http://mixerpkpxev6qruk.onion/ Dark Mixer – Anonymous bitcoin mixer
http://mixbitw5m5zh4m7u.onion/ Mixabit – Bitcoin mixer
http://wi3dg355dpiy2g5k.onion/ EasyCoin – Bitcoin Wallet and Mixer
http://sbqaxe6dwiydetyr.onion/ Onionwallet – Anonymous and secure bitcoin wallet and mixer
http://freshbowfjqvyrxm.onion/ VirginBitcoins – Buy freshly mined clean bitcoins

BitCloak bitcloak4rkfygal.onion
BitMixBiz bitmixbiz7xyslve.onion
BlenderIO blenderiot6rg2io.onion
Chipmixer chipmixer7vrgjzh.onion
EludeMail eludemailjkymwox.onion
BitcoinFog foggeddri62ueax6.onion
MixerMoney mixermike3kwriae.onion
MixTum mixtumm4rtq2kfqe.onion
MyBitMix mybitmixnzdtjave.onion
Privcoin tr5ods7gfbea5itl.onion

Best Dark Web Drug Stores

If you are wondering how to buy drugs on the dark web, the following dark web links list is for you:

http://dcukmmtrhqouetep.onion/ DCdutchconnectionUK – The dutch connection for the UK
http://docchrstunztkk7c.onion/ DrChronic – Weed straight from the source
http://tandj5f5zdzkm5hl.onion/ TomAndJerry – Cocaine, Heroin, MDMA and LSD from NL
http://primelpds4neewmw.onion/ 420prime – Cannabis in dispensary quality from the UK
http://c6qolqd4nuvdymhn.onion/ Bitpharma – Biggest european .onion drug store
http://xnwpwzm5dn5fi6kf.onion/ EuCanna – First Class Cannabis
http://d6d6qr5r5jurtvjh.onion/ Smokeables – Finest organic cannabis from the USA
http://efby23qxgt6rb6vc.onion/ CannabisUK – UK wholesale cannabis supplier
http://3pdx7y4r2mc3zuxw.onion/ Brainmagic – Best Darkweb psychedelics
http://dunl4qc7zlaqmavm.onion/ NLGrowers – Coffee Shop grade Cannabis from the Netherlands
http://2junuwyqfrfgtlfn.onion/ Peoples Drug Store – The Darkwebs best Drug supplier!
http://bbk7vwlok5a3eika.onion/ DeDope – German Weed Store

More Verified Dark Web Sites Links



Bitmessage Gateway








The Calyx Institute (Jabber)


The New York Times


TorBox Email



The Tor Project



Cryptostorm VPN


IPredator VPN


Mullvad VPN



















The Pirate Bay


Torch Search




Darknet Live






National Police of the Netherlands


The CIA’s Official Onion Site


The FBI’s NCIDE Task Force


Dream Market’s Partner (announced during shutdown)


Dark Web Markets Links 2019

Dark web marketplaces

Appollon apolloncbh3sgd23.onion
Avaris xnwoz5jjwzsubdzs455ab2svrzupdk3wwrjy77gkhc66nyxaiyhwtkid.onion
BitBazaar ign6nnulov7lctpon2kjnroosncu5i7sqaybwhd6ase3rs5es2h3fkid.onion
Cannahome cannahome5zoy2sc.onion
Cannazon cannazon4saspi7m.onion
Cryptonia sobckhsbpjr6cu4doejqvshaq2b5gevisqrkxcmbivrbkis3ooqjf7ad.onion
Darkbay darkbayuplto7hrq.onion
Empire empiremkt7lprbih.onion
GreyMarket greymtqd4lu6fao4.onion
Hydra hydraru37u3o2ysk.onion
Monopoly 557b5ohxp7ljyswbdipon27flmraqq4b45g3vqaqwrtq566grvpe3rad.onion
Tochka pointgg34vvilzmx.onion
Whitehouse tgwgleksxuycpuplsh3etntkb2yo2dztjhapmygbwdjkfgvdmussw2ad.onion

Some independent vendor shops:

DrugSec 2idvj32mdqdqn7cr.onion
GrassCo grasscogh2kewgja.onion
OpiateConnect opiatejow2xxdgh6.onion
THCclear thccleardwdebf77.onion
CerberusPharma s2q6hp47ogdb34vy.onion
DutchDrugz exg6e3c23u6jbehlrme5htlmnzidnz7cqa5prwaetmxrmgi7fxsm5mid.onion
EUBenzos pgljfusmmtv3chpg.onion
LocalPharm pharm7ikz6nzfrfz.onion
PushingTaboo pushing37xyindmo.onion
SmokersCo hkay4bwdnedlhybm.onion

Some Dark Web Links Collections

Here are some more dark web link directories / Hidden Wikis:

http://onionlinksv3zit3.onion/ OnionLinks v3
http://hiddenwikiwpn2ed.onion/ The Hidden Wiki
http://wikikijoy3lk2anu.onion/ Another Hidden Wiki
http://thedarkwebpugv5m.onion/ Pug’s Ultimate Dark Web Guide

They contain mostly up to date dark web sites last time we checked, most sites were working.

We will post more dark web articles on our blog on a regular basis, so bookmark !!


What Are Dark Web Links?

There is a collection of websites that are hidden from the sight of people. This is basically a we which is known as Dark Web and has the content as per its name is which is dark. All sorts of black activities are carried out over there. Comprehending the dark web links and traditional web links is necessary to bring smoothness in life and do the search accordingly.

Traditional search engines differ from the dark web in several regards as these are accessible by every tom dick and harry. However, the dark web is not like the traditional search engine and can be accessed through following a peculiar method. Opening up the traditional web sites is easy and rapid as the user has to approach the gadget first and must have a stable internet connection.
Open your gadget and then click on your browser and you are all set to access it as it gets opened instantly while dark web demands the user to go through certain steps for accessing it. Firstly, you need to download a browser that offers secure browsing to you. After installing it, you are allowed to access the dark web.

Plethora of Content
Visiting dark web is difficult while traditional search engines such as Google let us satisfy our queries in a few moments. Content at the dark web varies from the traditional web. Dark web sites contain dark content which is different from the content generally available at the traditional web sites. Dark web sites have the content about hacking, human trafficking, sales of illegal drugs and much more. The drugs which are not found anywhere and are prohibited from being taken are sold at dark web sites.
Hacking services for websites, social media accounts, etc. are offered on the dark web. Traditional web sites contain content regarding everyday use, scientific knowledge, research knowledge, etc. Hence, students remain in touch with these. Likewise, people working at the office or doing other jobs like to surf traditional web engines while the dark web is accessed when people have to explore the content for certain dark type of activities.

Safety Concerns:
There are no safety issues while exploring the content on the traditional search engines. Indeed, people spend a maximum of their time while exploring content on these engines while on the contrary to this, it is better to explore the content on the dark web and then close it instantly.
Exploring more and more on the dark web is not safe at all. All the people are free to use traditional web sites as these are having no issues regarding security. The credit for this goes to the content of the site.

Anonymous Identity:
Hiding the identity is massively necessary at the dark web sites while traditional web sites do not demand the hidden identity. The purpose of hiding the identity is to remain secure from the cops. Government officials have their eyes on the dark web sites in order to grip the criminals. The dark web is a site that is often used by criminals or people having a negative mindset. Buying illegal drugs while revealing the identity surely makes no sense at all.
What is the benefit of buying illegal weapons with your name and address revealed? This is basically an invitation to the cops to take you behind bars. Hence, the safety methods are adopted for hiding the identity of the user. People who frequently use dark web sites ensure to take the aid of such methods as a precautionary measure.

Hiring Services:
Hiring services at the dark web varies majestically from that of the hiring services of the traditional web sites. There are enormous websites at the dark web which offer hiring services for the hacking of databases, hacking of websites, hacking of social media accounts, etc. You can hire professionals for finding the missing person at well. In addition to this, it is a center for criminals too, so they hire target shooters as well from such sites.
Hiring for all types of dark activities is quite common on the dark web. However, these are associated with a fee that you have to pay in return. A better way to consider it is to demand the work completed before the deadline. Dealing at the dark web is not easier, so the users need to be active at all the time for making the deal successful and avoid any sort of flaws. Traditional websites do not offer such sort of hiring services at all.

Payment Methods:
Traditional websites offer different payments method, and all of these are secure to be used. These include:
Payment through credit card
Payment through PayPal
Payment through Bank account etc.
All of these methods are secure merely on traditional websites while these won’t work safely on the dark web sites. Avoid using any of these methods at the dark web sites else you would end up getting harmed.

Tor Browser:
Tor Browser is the browser that ensures to hide the identity of the user. It is required for the users who want to explore content on the dark web. As surfing over there is harmful, so Tor Browser is the right choice for this.
It is well known for the feature of hiding the identity of the user so you can do your searches on the dark web while mentioning the dark web URLs of your desire. It adopts different means for hiding your identity such as by beating the VPN features.

At the traditional search engines, people type whatever comes in their mind for doing the research. It instantly opens up a huge deal of content links for you and you can make the selection of the top URLs for quenching your thirst for knowledge. However, the scenario on the dark web is quite different from the traditional ones.
Traditional ones allow you the golden opportunity to select the content among the top-rated ones to gain satisfactory outcomes in the wink of an eye. For doing the research at the dark web, no keyword would help you, but you have to mention the dark web URLs for approaching the site of your desire. Hence, it is necessary that you enter the right URL of the dark web site.

Hacking Dark Web Links:
Hacking dark web links is not a piece of cake, but professional hackers know how to unlock the door. The massive knowledge and plethora of experience combine together to polish the skills of hackers and making him able enough to hack the dark web links. You can hire a professional for giving vent to your goals but have to pay for this as well. Paying the money for hiring the services is essential, but through payment, there are various risks associated. The main risk associated with the payment is the revealing of identity.
Hence, the payment method used at the dark web is a digital currency which is mostly bitcoin. Pay the fee for getting the services from the Bitcoin wallet. The identity would remain intact by using the digital currency payment method as it does not reveal the name of the sender and changes the address of the bitcoin wallet when certain apps or methods are used by the sender.

Dark Web Links

Buying And Selling On The Dark Web

No doubt, the dark web is one of the hottest topics about whom folk curious to explore more and more. It is basically a part of the internet which demands anonymizing browser for its accessing. There exist many search engines such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. which are most frequently used by the people throughout the globe. These prove to be worthy enough to provide quick research in the wink of an eye.
However, it is worthy of mentioning that the dark web is not visible to these popular and amazing search engines. It ensures to operate at a peak level of anonymity. This fabulous web has the capability to host marvelously amazing content, harmless activities and in some cases, criminal ones too. The dark web is like an extensive web that contains different types of products that you may have never heard of before. Unveiling the facts about the dark web would let you satisfy your queries and desires about it.

The Dark Web Links

Examples of Dark Web:
In order to get a vivid idea about the dark web, it is necessary to have a glimpse of some of its examples. Dark web varies and offers multiple options to you. For instance, there can be a dark web that offers you outstanding complex riddles. Likewise, there can be a dark web that works efficiently to potentiate the look of an eBook and make it look more professional.
Not only this, but there might be a dark web that offers a fabulous forum to the folks who consider that sharing their thoughts or free speech is harmful and prone to be much threatening as well. Hence, multiple options are available in regard to the dark web. Basically, it is referred to as dark content as per its name. The name of the dark web indicates the dark content, which particularly means disturbing and illegal content.

Information Hacking:
There exists a huge variety of stolen information on the dark web which you can access. The most common types of data that can be breached includes bank card numbers. In addition to such information, the other significant information that can be stolen are Social Security numbers. People having interest in buying breached data can also purchase log-in credentials. You would be pleased to know that hacked Netflix accounts are also found on Dark Web. So, you can get access to whatever information you want at the dark websites. Just pay and enjoy access to these things.

Illicit Substance:
The dark web is such a place where a plethora of illegal drugs can be found. Drugs or medication belong to different categories, such as prescription drugs, illegal drugs, etc. Here, on the dark web, you would find enormous toxic chemicals that have the potential to damage you in several ways. Likewise, the illegal drugs which are not easily found anywhere or no buying information is available pertaining to these might be available on the dark web.
Hence, people having curiosity in these or eager to have these rush to the dark web. Buying drugs on the dark web is massively common. People having addiction or desires to such drugs would not find it anywhere. Hence, they keep on exploring these here and there, but they get disappointed.

Weird Items and Services:
Dark web sites have lots of weird stuff which you cannot even imagine. Dark web marketplaces are the fabulous marketplaces that would totally astonish you with the stuff that it offers. Things that are quite weird, dangerous, and disturbing are available on the dark web.
Are you curious to know what sort of disturbing and weird items are these? These include body parts, human trafficking, murderers for hire, etc. People indulge in worst activities usually rush to these sorts of the notorious dark web sites.

Guns for Sale:
The craze for guns is never-ending. Dark web marketplaces teeming with a plethora of guns. These are available in a huge variety, style, design, and type. If you are crazy about guns and wish to keep the desired one, then dark web sites are the right place for you. Explore as many guns on the dark web as you like. All guns are not alike.
Guns, as well as bullets, would be bought on these sites. Get these for training purposes or for keeping them for your security. Security is indeed the main concern for which people buy guns, and as time passes, the interest in guns goes on increasing. Dark web sites are known for other items and services as well such as child pornography, counterfeit goods, etc.

Imagine and Buy:
Folks imagine things and wish them to buy. They not only surf such stuff on the internet but also ask others where these can be found. Both imaginable and unimaginable stuff is sold on dark web sites. People are running a business on the dark web on different niches, which are mentioned above. Likewise, a plethora of customers is also seen at dark web sites for spending their money on buying drugs on the dark web and other unimaginable things.
Businesses are frequently run on dark web sites. Even criminals run their business and offer their services to you on the dark web. Such sorts of things are harmful to explore, so refrain from such searches. Whatever you can imagine, the dark web sites can offer it immediately to you.

Financial Transaction:
Confused about the ways of transferring money for buying such services and items on the dark web sites?  Well, it is not that hard to buy things of your desire. Purchasing and selling are massively easy due to the payment mode of digital currency. Yes, you read right! Dark web sites allow you to do business while having cryptocurrency as a payment mode. If you have Bitcoin in your wallet, then you can buy any imaginable or unimaginable things quite conveniently.
Bitcoin is taking the lead in all sorts of currencies, and hence it is considered for the dark web too. On all dark web sites, you can simply shop by using dark web sites. Issues of the transaction are quite weird. Safety and security need to be ensured with the financial transaction. In addition to this, the method should be quick enough that the amount gets transferred to the site immediately so that you get your desired things instantly. Bitcoin features all such services, so it is being selected for financial transactions.

Security Issues:
Many of the people are focused too much on the security of the dark web. Privacy and security are the main concern which matters a lot while using dark web. People who have explored the dark web would feel curious and may start making vigorous searches on it. However, it is worthy of mentioning that there does exist some of the major security issues while using the dark web.
Hence, it is recommended to limit your search on dark web sites and immediately explore the content that you are looking for. Surfing lots of time and exploring more and more content on different websites can lead to security issues. Stay focused and confined to gain the desired outcomes. The selective search is the right way to prevent security issues.